Conveyor belts

A sustainable way to create life-changing products from waste

Rubber is a valuable and renewable resource. At RubberGem we believe in a circular economy by giving waste a new life. Each year millions of tonnes of conveyor belts are discarded into landfill or burned for fuel, leaching harmful toxins into the atmosphere, soil, and water, causing both environmental and health issues.

At RubberGem, we’re on a mission to divert a high volume of Australia’s end-of life tyres and conveyor belts that go to landfill into a diverse range of durable products for use worldwide.

The RubberGem process

Conveyor belts are inspected on site

We handle all of the logistics for delivery to our facility

Conveyor belts are recycled into new products at our purpose built facility

New durable products are delivered globally

Upon arrival at our recycling facility the material is logged and sorted according to condition, size and type.

Conveyor belts are primarily repurposed into durable Agricultural flooring with all additional waste cleaned and diverted for processing through our other production lines.

Data is collected at various stages to comply with Chain of Custody requirements.

Recycle your waste with RubberGem


RubberGem works with like-minded organisations in Western Australia to create a cleaner, healthier environment by diverting their OTR tyre & conveyor belt waste from landfill.

We take care of the logistics with a hassle-free process to collect and recycle your end-of-life OTR tyres & conveyor belts into durable products used worldwide.

Contact us to arrange a quick chat, and start giving your waste a new life.