The smarter way to create more sustainably

RubberGem is at the forefront of research & technology to improve our recycling capabilities. Our long lasting relationships and decades of experience mean we can be more transparent, with visibility over the entire supply chain.

Tyres & conveyor belts are made from high quality rubber, steel and textile fibres in order to comply with international safety standards. This means RubberGem has access to the highest quality materials, to produce our diverse range of durable products.

Since the first tyres rolled off production lines in 1888, it has been common practice to leave end-of-life tyres in landfill. More recently tyres were burned to recover the energy used in kilns, laying waste to a renewable resource.

The rubber for tyres & conveyor belts comes from plantations that are often created through deforestation of rainforests, lessening the area’s biodiversity and reducing the potential CO2 absorption of the natural environment. RubberGem is solving all these issues by creating new life from waste rubber, in a diverse range of products for use worldwide.

Less acid rain

The sulphur content of tyres is released in the heat. Recycling helps contain it from contaminating our atmosphere and causing acid rain.

Less CO2 emissions

Recycling saves 700kg of CO2 per tonne of tyre input.

Less deforestation

Recycling reduces the consumption of raw materials used to manufacture products.

Less mining

The steel recovered from tyres & conveyor belts can be recycled, limiting the need to mine iron ore.

We aim to make a global impact by aligning ourselves with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Goal 1

No Poverty

RubberGem supports poverty eradication and human rights.

Goal 2

Zero Hunger

RubberGem supports sustainable food and agriculture and produces recycled products to help these sectors.

Goal 3

Good Health and Well-being

RubberGem, gives close attention to its employees’ good health and well-being.

Goal 4

Quality Education

RubberGem is developing a skilled workforce and creates training opportunities for its employees to improve economic growth.

Goal 5

Gender Equality

RubberGem accomplishes gender equality, and men and women are working at this company under equal rights and wages policy.

Goal 6

Clean Water and Sanitation

RubberGem is aware of global water challenges and adopts a sustainable water management policy throughout its activities.

Goal 7

Affordable and Clean Energy

RubberGem uses energy effectively in a reasonable manner and cares about the climate.

Goal 8

Decent Work and Economic Growth

RubberGem is against child labour and respects labour rights. The company supports sustainable economic growth.

Goal 9

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

RubberGem is an innovative recycling company that invests in advanced technologies and aims to open a new door in the recycling industry.

Goal 10

Reduced Inequality

RubberGem supports social sustainability. The company is building new partnerships worldwide to create more job opportunities and produce innovative products to help the local economy.

Goal 11

Sustainable Cities and Communities

RubberGem supports solutions for urban challenges.

Goal 12

Responsible Consumption and Production

RubberGem gives value to supply chain sustainability and adopts business strategies in parallel to stimulate human rights, fair labour practices, environmental progress and anti-corruption policies.

Goal 13

Climate Action

Climate change is one of RubberGem’s concerns, and the company takes action by reviewing the production process and using enhanced technology; meanwhile, the company’s core business is recycling, which is in line with environmental protection.

Goal 14

Life Below Water

RubberGem’s activities help to protect the life underwater. The end-of-Life tyres will not end up at the bottom of the ocean if recycled.

Goal 15

Life on Land

RubberGem’s recycling is a sustainable option to save the forests from being cut and replaced with rubber trees. Recycling also reduces the use of natural resources by reducing the need for additional extracted raw materials.

Goal 16

Peace and Justice Strong Institutions

RubberGem favours any local or global anti-corruption projects that work for a peaceful world, not only for sustainable development, but also to build a better future for the next generation.

Goal 17

Partnerships to achieve the Goal

RubberGem creates global partnerships to strengthen its business and establish sustainable development.