Recycling matters

We all know recycling matters, and rubber is a valuable & renewable resource; so RubberGem created a circular economy to give waste a new life. Since 2002, we’ve been on a mission to divert the vast number of Australian tyres and end-of-life conveyor belts that go to landfill.

RubberGem recycle waste rubber into a diverse range of durable products used worldwide by using the latest research & leading technology to give you the confidence to create your project cleaner and greener.


RubberGem is the smarter way to create, as WA’s Main Roads approved supplier.


RubberGem is the durable way to create your project, using high quality Australian made products.


RubberGem is the sustainable way to create predictable results, from a quality source.


RubberGem is committed to meeting the Australian Sustainable Development Goals to help make a better future.

What we recycle

End-of-life tyres & conveyor belts are a valuable resource, and RubberGem is proud to work with recycling partners to prevent rubber waste from going into landfill or being burned.


RubberGem manufactures a growing range of durable, recycled rubber products.


Recycled rubber is used in a wide range of applications. RubberGem produces the highest quality granules to create new life from waste.

Material Percentage

Recycle your waste with RubberGem


RubberGem works with like-minded organisations in Western Australia to create a cleaner, healthier environment by diverting their OTR tyre & conveyor belt waste from landfill.

We take care of the logistics with a hassle-free process to collect and recycle your end-of-life OTR tyres & conveyor belts into durable products used worldwide.

Contact us to arrange a quick chat, and start giving your waste a new life.

Athletics Tracks

Brake Pads

Building Insulation

Civil Engineering

Matting Surfaces

Marine Non-Slip

New Tyres

Playground Surfaces

Road Surfaces

Sporting Surfaces

Tile Ahesives


Where we collect end-of-life tyres
or conveyor belts?

We collect your end-of-life tyres or conveyor belts from any parts of Western Australia.

What do we do with end-of-life tyres and conveyor belts?

We are continually updating our technology to find a new waste recycling solution for a clean environment.

We do not landfill, burn, or export rubber wastes; we develop solutions to bring them back to life in our local plant. Our activity has the various environmental and economic gain for our community.

Acid Rain




RubberGem is proud to be accredited by Main Roads Western Australia, and continues to meet EU REACH regulation (EC) No 1907/2006.