The smarter way to create more sustainably

RubberGem is at the forefront of recycling research and development in our purpose-built facility, which is constantly being upgraded with the latest technology and processing methods.

We’re leading the way in giving new life to waste rubber, forging strong relationships and providing a seamless transport & logistics network to ensure a hassle-free experience for our recycling partners. This results in products of exceptional quality and durability that support a sustainable future.

Giving new life to tyres and conveyor belts

The average commercial tyre can be split into 3 core components: Rubber, steel & textiles.

Quality control

RubberGem is very particular about what we recycle, because it has a direct impact on the quality, consistency and durability of our products, which are made to exacting standards. Our products are tested in both internal and external laboratories on a daily basis to ensure they meet our high standards, and exceed customer expectations.


Our facility is capable of processing and holding stock for an enormous amount of unprocessed and processed materials, and our transport and logistics network is constantly growing.

Recycle your waste with RubberGem


RubberGem works with like-minded organisations in Western Australia to create a cleaner, healthier environment by diverting their OTR tyre & conveyor belt waste from landfill.

We take care of the logistics with a hassle-free process to collect and recycle your end-of-life OTR tyres & conveyor belts into durable products used worldwide.

Contact us to arrange a quick chat, and start giving your waste a new life.